Dear Daddy,

You died on April 3rd, 2016. I was there with mom and Nancy. I hope you knew I was there. I took your last words to heart, and I understand. You were tired, and you were worried about mom. I got this. She’s hanging in there.  I wish I would have had something profound to … More Dear Daddy,

Day at the Museum

                                                                                                               Day at the Museum               One Summer day, my family decided to do some family bonding and out on a road trip.  We loaded up with enthusiasm and delight in our eyes, as we headed to Chicago’s Field Museum. I was our first trip as a family unit, as I was … More Day at the Museum

Bath Bombs

I’ve been searching the internet for a bath bomb recipe.  I’m in shock when I see all the recipes with oils that are fragrance oils and things I wouldn’t want touching my body!  So, my next step is Pinterest.  ehh!  Overload!! But I found a great site!  Mama Marcie and here’s a link to her … More Bath Bombs


My friend always picks a word every year that she hopes to learn, grow and in still by the end of the year. I picked “Grit” for last year.  I didn’t realize that the word would just surround me and intertwine in my life by the end of the year.  The definition of Grit :clench … More Word!